Company & Product

The e.GO REX GmbH is a dynamic, fast-growing high-tech startup based on the RWTH Aachen Campus, Aachen, Germany. As an ambitious team of fuel cell and industrialization experts, we revolutionize long range e-mobility by industrializing low-cost fuel cell range extender. In 2020, Energy CIO Insights listed us as one of Europe's Top 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing fuel cell technology solutions (Read more).

Our approach fosters complementary strengths of the battery as a pure energy provider on the one hand, and fuel cells as an energy converter on the other. Through a fast, agile and integrated industrialization, we achieved to substantially reduce the costs of a scalable fuel cell system while realizing an easy integration in existing e-powertrains. This combination makes our range extender first choice for zero emission Light Commercial Vehicles.

Modular Fuel Cell REX: ~ 70% cost reduction

Agile Industrialization: > 2x faster development

Easy Vehicle Integration: > 3x less application effort

Our modular design of the fuel cell, which is based on “Standard Stack Modules,” allows for power scaling while using economies of scale by combining multiple modules. We follow a multi-stack configuration technique, where we “stack” several smaller fuel cell stacks into a big stack that provides the battery with a constant, moderate energy flow while the battery powers the electric engine and covers the dynamics.

We are working together with a strong network of partners to further develop and test our fuel cell range extender while building up the production at full industrial scale. The series version of the scalable fuel cell range extender will be ready for sale starting in 2022. Opportunities for joint application projects start this summer.

We are looking forward to provide you more insights. Feel free to contact us!